The Power of Compound Interest in Marriage

It has often been said that marriage is "hard work".  "It doesn't come easy," some will tell you, "you really have to labor at it!"  While there is certainly some veracity to such statements, this mindset perpetuates off-putting, negative imagery of grueling toil and hardship.  It's no wonder so many marriages fail.  Not many people gladly embrace "hard work".

Perhaps it is better to think of the your marriage as "an investment".  Similar to a financial undertaking, one must invest wisely in order to see growth and attain desired goals.  To position yourself to achieve the maximum benefit of your marital investment, you must put the power of compound interest to work for you.  Here's how...

(1)  Start now.  When a couple is involved in retirement planning one of the best pieces of advice they will receive is to start saving and investing as soon as possible.  In your marriage, don't wait until a problem or desperate need arises before you start investing in the relationship.  The sooner you start, the more time the compounding positive effects will work in your favor... and the greater the reward.

(2)  Be consistent.  If you are haphazard and undisciplined in applying money to your investments they will not serve you well.  But, if you make regular contributions a priority your increase will be exponential.  The best marriages are those in which the investments are made frequently and consistently over time.  It's not the occasional grand gestures that matter most, but the daily loving habits.  They may seem insignificant in the moment but they add up over time.

(3)  Persevere.  The growth of any investment may seem slow at first, but compounding interest only works when you patiently allow it to mature.  If you cash out at the first sign of trouble you are sabotaging your own future gains.  The power of compounding comes with persistence and patience.  If you don't stick it out you won't reap the benefit.  Your marriage can and will survive challenging times.  But you must be committed to persevere no matter what.  Remember, you're investing for the long term.  Buy and hold!

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