The Devastating Consequences of Infidelity

Infidelity exacts a devastating toll on marriages.  Indeed, the vast majority of marriages do not survive the experience.  About 65% of marriages in which infidelity is discovered eventually end in divorce.  Even among couples who seek counseling after an adulterous affair in an attempt to keep the union intact, about 35% still end in divorce.  For those marriages that manage to avoid divorce after infidelity, about 50% are reported to be destitute or under considerable distress.  Unfortunately, these statistics barely begin to illustrate pain and suffering resulting from the aftermath of marital unfaithfulness.

Counseling literature reveals many psychological and emotional problems that infidelity leaves in its wake.  In many cases these struggles can continue for years.  In some cases, the residual effects of the experience may persist indefinitely.  Among the most commonly reported consequences of infidelity are:
  1. Injury to self image
  2. Injury to self confidence
  3. Injury to sexual confidence
  4. Loss of trust and belonging
  5. Loss of respect
  6. Feelings of helplessness and abandonment
  7. Feelings of depression
  8. Feelings of anxiety
  9. Feelings of humiliation
  10. Feelings of rage
  11. Feelings of shame, guilt and blameworthiness
  12. Feelings of undesirability and insecurity
  13. Feelings of hostility and vengeance
Certainly people can and do recover from the disastrous effects on infidelity.  Although it is the minority of cases, some marriages survive - and some even become happy again in time.  There is hope for the hurting, and this is a point which should not be overlooked.  However, the odds are tremendously stacked against a positive outcome.  Even when healing does occur it is preceded by much agony for a long time.  The only way to ensure that your marriage remains free from the devastating consequences of infidelity is to avoid it at all costs.
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