The Power of Gratitude

Experts in business, leadership, management, and related fields have articulated the benefits of expressing gratitude for quite a long time.  Customers are more loyal when they feel appreciated.  Employees are significantly more productive when they receive positive recognition for their achievements.  Students work harder when their teacher acknowledges effort.  Volunteers donate their time more frequently when they are thanked for their service.

Never Marry Your Soulmate

You may have heard the old adage “never meet your heroes.”  Some may instinctively wonder why this would be considered good advice.  After all doesn’t everyone want to meet their hero?  But many who have actually had the opportunity to meet some famous person whom they strongly admired have been sorely disappointed.

Understanding Bad Moods in Marriage

When either you or your spouse experiences a bad mood it can very easily have a negative impact on your relationship.  Often the effect is only temporary.  But, if bad moods are manifested frequently and go unchecked it can result in a much more serious problem.  Below you will find some information the causes of bad moods and how they are a danger to your marriage.

Love Bears All Things

The Word of God states, in 1 Corinthians 13:7, that love “beareth all things” (KJV).  Indeed, this is one of the characteristics that reveals the force and nature of love.  But, what does scripture mean by this statement? What is the practical application of this principle with respect to the love between a husband and a wife in the bonds of holy matrimony?