Love is Kind

Kindness is a critical attribute that reveals the force and nature of love according to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. What does scripture mean when it asserts that “love is kind”? The Greek word rendered “kind” in this verse literally means to “show oneself useful” in the sense of manners or morals. There are two basic concepts contained in this idea. And both shed much light on love between a husband and wife.

The first concept is related to the idea that to be kind means to be useful or helpful. In this sense, kindness is not merely an attitude or state of being. It is also a deed. The biblical connotation is that kindness is to be obliging and accommodating. Love, in this context, creates no trouble or disturbance but, rather, desires to promote happiness by extending good to others. It is a good-naturedness that not only wishes well but also does well. Kindness is benevolence in action.

The second concept that is implicit in kindness deals with being courteous, polite, compassionate, and affectionate. It refers to conduct that is gentle, mild, tender, and pleasant – especially under provocation. It is the opposite of acting bitter, sharp, disagreeable, and harsh.

With respect to love in a marriage, kindness presents us with several practical applications. If you have this type of love in your marriage, you will desire to be useful and helpful to your spouse. You will regularly and sincerely offer assistance to your mate for no other reason than to make him/her happy. You will truly desire to serve your spouse and to prefer his/her needs above your own.

Furthermore, this type of love towards your spouse is consistently expressed in conduct that is courteous and polite. The unfortunate reality in many marriages is that rudeness, ill-temperedness, and contention prevail. This ought not to be! We need to view kindness not as a lofty ideal to strive for in our marriage but, rather, as the natural state, standard, and expectation. We are not perfect. We all betray our best intentions at times. But let us cast aside our excuses and reflect genuine biblical love in our marriages. Love is kind!

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