Does Social Networking Cause Marriage Problems?

Does social networking cause marriage problems?  The answer may depend on who you ask.  It is undeniable that potential exists for inappropriate interpersonal behavior on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and others.  But is social networking the cause/root of the problem?  Or is it just the latest technology that people have abused in order to misbehave?

Recent reports claim that one out of five (20%) divorce cases include some mention of social networking related complaints.  Indeed, many people report ruined marriages stemming from situations where social networking has played a role.  Others are quick to point out that during the same time period of the rapid growth of social networking divorce rates have actually declined slightly (so have marriage rates).  Social networking defenders argue that before the technology existed, people utilized every other means available for their infidelity - including email, text messaging, telephones, and so forth.  They point to social networking as a tool cheaters use, but not the cause of the problem.

Whether or not social networking makes the occurrence of marriage problems and divorce greater is a debate that will undoubtedly continue.  The important thing is that married couples need to recognize that the potential for problems does exist... not just with infidelity, but in other areas as well.  If you are married, you can and should take steps to protect yourself and your marriage from prospective social networking related issues.
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