Level One Communication: Facts and Information

There are five basic levels of communication in which married couples engage. [See previous article.] All five levels are important and positive in that they build a connection and bond between partners. However, the potential to achieve a greater level of intimacy (closeness, affection, understanding, etc.) increases with each level. This brief article details the first level of marital communication:  facts and information.

Sharing facts and information is the most basic level of discussion between two individuals, and it is certainly not unique to married couples. Level one communication is often described as “small talk”. A good way to think of this kind of communication is as a sort of conversation in which two strangers may engage. This type communication generally does not get very personal.

Level one communication can be extremely simple. It could consist of a mere exchange of information in response to a question. Asking for directions, inquiring about the weather, and so forth are good examples. However, even conversations that are a bit more personal still qualify as level one communication. Examples include asking someone about their day, discussing general news items, and so forth.

In a marriage, level one communication makes up the majority of the daily discussions and conversations. Such communication is an important part of staying connected to your spouse and informed of his/her life outside of the relationship. Sharing the events of the day, talking about work, and discussing other significant news should be done at every opportunity.

Additionally, level one communication is also important to the logistics of married life. Coordinating schedules, discussing financial matters, arranging household duties, conferring about the children’s needs, and conversing about host of other related items should all be daily examples of level one communication in marriage.

The attitude and demeanor of both partners regarding this type of communication and the quality of the discussions are significantly correlated to the success of the relationship in many ways.  You can display care and concern or apathy and indifference.  It's up to you.  Most marriages can be improved with both the quantity and quality of level one communication.

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